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Marked for Murder - Book 3 -  $9.95
Available on Audio
 Donna Raider ramps up the action and suspense with Marked for Murder. Priest Mika Cross strives to keep her family safe when accidents begin to happen to those in power in the church. Secrets are revealed. An ancient serial killer rises to exact his own brand of retribution and our lovers are caught in the middle of something they can't stop.



A Twist in Time - Book 1 - $9.95
Available on Audio

They lived in two different worlds. Leah was a wicked queen--the epitome of evil. Mika was a woman of God--a priest in 22nd-Century America. Both fought the
attraction that threatened to destroy them. Their love was plagued by demons and curses. A twist in time brought them together testing Mika's faith and Leah's strength. Romance, action and adventure combine to make this one of the best novels of the year.


A Twist of Fate - Book 2 - $9.95
Available on Audio

Sometimes even Angels have to get their hands dirty!
Leah and Mika battle the forces of hell for one another. Sacrifices are made to save a life. A twist of fate tore them and their world apart. Could one of them, alone, put it back together again?




This Box Set contains Book 1, "A Twist in Time" and Book 2, "A Twist of Fate" of the Two Different World Series the complete story of Mika and Leah Cross. The epic love story of lovers from two different worlds. Mika is an angel, neither female nor male, but an entity from heaven where there is no such thing as gender. Mika first appeared to Leah as a man. Leah killed him. Mika’s second attempt at wooing the beautiful witch was as a woman. Leah fell in love with her thus Mika has retained the female form. The lovely Leah is the most powerful witch in the world. Her love for Mika gives her the strength to overcome her occasional desire to do wicked things to her adversaries.
The two immortals are just beginning their lives together and learning about one another. You will love and laugh with the two as they take on the evils of this world. You'll cringe and cheer as Leah reverts to her evil ways in order to save her wife and children. If you like non-stop action, romance and karma, you will love this series.




A Touch of Murder is the fourth novel in
the saga of Mika and Leah Cross. Mika is
an angel and Leah is a witch who have found eternal love in spite of their differences. An ancient evil lurks in the background as our lovers make the decision to leave New York and move to a safer place. But there may be no safe place for them in this world.




About Donna Raider

Donna is an award winning magazine editor who has worked in the print industry for over twenty years, editing and publishing trade magazines in the automotive and equine fields.

In 2012 she began writing her first novel for the lesbian community, "Two Different Worlds." The finished manuscript contained over 600,000 words. In 2019 she reworked her "saga" and is releasing it in six separate novels.

Donna makes her home in Burleson, Texas where she is supervised by two spoiled dogs and a cat.



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